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AODELI (HK) ELECTRONIC CO., LTD is multicounty supplier who major in electronics. Integrated with its agency and distribution functions, also with abundant experience in electronic industry, AODELI (HK) ELECTRONIC CO., LTD managed to grow aligned with its excellent quality, credit, and win-win goal with customers. The products includes from Oil industrial control, computer ancillary equipment, instruments and meters, peaceful against equipment, aerospace, automobile electron, expense electron, correspondence, television and video frequency product and so on different domain。

AODELI (HK) ELECTRONIC CO., LTD has a stable and outstanding supplying channel, which enables the stability of supplement and sufficient products in stock. When meeting your needs, we guarantee for our high efficiency of quotation, quality, consignment time and precise and also high value service. We will update the latest trend and information to our customer accordingly, which professional products information and related technology inquires & solution are included. Now, we have long term strategic partnership with TW company ACE, LITEON and that had lead to success in the fierce market.

Main products:
Integrated circuit,module block,diode,NPN,capacitance,electric resistance,LED&study.
1.Supplying Taiwan ACE all series parts, MOSFET,TRANS,LDO Regulator,DC/DC Converter,power management and applies IC,controller, programmer series. Diode and so on,packaged spindle and surface paste as SOT-23,SOT-223,DIP/SOP and so on.
2,SupplyingDIODES、IOR(IRF)、VISHAY(SI)、FAIRCHILD all series parts,NPN transistor,MOSFET, TVSs diodes, zener diodes,Schottky diodes,rectifier and rectifyingcircuit
The packing becomes the shaft type and SMD, By the acme technique of manufacture which is in sole possession, the production redundant reliable high density's SMD, Including SOT-23, SOD-123, SOD-323, SOT-323, SOT-363,DO-214AA and so on.
3.Long time supply Various brands diode,NPN, capacitance,electric
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