Product Summary

The CX82100-11 is a Home Network Processor. It is a single-chip, 185 MIPS high performance, ARM940T-based processor integrated with multiple network interface hardware functions and packaged into a 196-pin FPBGA. Embedded firmware supports complete networking system solutions in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, business, SOHO, and home applications with appropriate host software. Typical applications of the CX82100-11 include a Residential Gateway (RG) with network address translation (NAT)/firewall services, or a HomePNA 2.0 or HomePlug 1.0 Bridge when the CX82100-11 is combined with a standard 10/100 Ethernet PHY or Home Networking PHY such as Conexant’s CX24611 HomePNA 2.0 PHY/AFE.


CX82100-11 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Core circuits supply voltage VDD: 1.65 to 1.95 VDC; (2)I/O circuits supply voltage VDDO: 3.0 to 3.6 VDC; (3)Operating ambient temperature TA: 0 to 70 ℃.


CX82100-11 features: (1)Single-chip, high-performance processor with integrated network interfaces; (2)Dual Media Independent Interface (MII) interface to 10/100 Ethernet PHY; (3)Host Parallel Expansion Bus interface to Flash ROM and other devices; (4)Parallel interface to SDRAM/SRAM; (5)JTAG interface; (6)22 general purpose I/O lines (13 available for application use, 6 available for application use if optional signals for EEPROM, Host Parallel Expansion Bus, and Clock are not used, and 3 dedicated to system signals); (7)196-pin FPBGA.


CX82100-11 block diagram



Data Sheet